Meet Our Team

Teodora (Factory Manger) 

Teodora joined the Mpower Africa team in Febuary 2018.  She is 38 years old and the mother of 3 beautiful children.  She has 5 years of experience as a professional seamstress. Teodora currently teaches classes to impoverished women in her area to help them create income opportunities for themselves and their families.  Her goal is to pass her knowledge to other women so that they can become financially independent.    



Argentina (Seamstress) 

Argentina is 20 years old and lives with her aunt and cousin.  Both of her parents passed away when she was young and she has had to work hard during her life to help support those she lives with.  In 2014 she took a sewing training class at the No Poor Among Us center in Boane, Mozambique.  She was one of the most talented students to come out of the program and was hired on to help produce school uniforms for the school´s NPAU supports.  Through her hard work, Argentina has been able to purchase two sewing machines and has a dream of opening up her own sewing factory one day.  



Lusdina (Seamstress)

Lusdina is 20 years old and lives with her mother and 4 brothers and sisters.  She lost her father several years ago and as the oldest, has taken on the responsibility to provide for her family.  She took the sewing course through No Poor Among Us in 2016 and was hired shortly thereafter to help produce school uniforms for one of the NPAU programs.  With the money she has earned through sewing she has been able to buy food for her family and help put herself, and her siblings through school.  Lusdina's dream is to become a doctor so that she can help those that can't help themselves.


Laura (Seamstress)

Laura is 61 years old and is the caretaker and provider of her two children and four grandchildren.  In 2017 she took a sewing course offered by No Poor Among Us and has since started her own business making shirts, pants and school uniforms for people in her community.  She joined Mpower Africa and started sewing aprons on top of her other products, in March 2018.  Her dream is to rehabilitate her house with the money she is earning and give her children and grandchildren a better life.   

The Phillips (Founders)

On a mission to help impoverished women, Kristine and Josh moved to Mozambique in November 2017 to work with No Poor Among Us.  They help manage NPAU's educational and economical empowerment projects.  Kristine is a licensed nurse and uses her knowledge to help people in the local communities.  She also helps design product and mentor the women in the organization.  Josh has worked in various business and volunteer capacities in Mozambique since 2011.  Their dream is to empower hundreds of women throughout Mozambique and other parts of Africa by offering their unique and beautiful products to the world.